From Users to Intercitizens: An Ecologically-Driven Proposal to Reimagine the Digital Economy

What if business leaders move away from feeding the individualism of a user-centric digital economy, to embrace the interdependence of digital ecosystems driven by responsible citizens of Planet Earth? In this session, Andres Colmenares explores the opportunities emerging from this hypothetical question.

“We need to challenge the idea that time is money. What if time was understood, instead, as life.”

Andres Colmenares

Co-director, IAM

Born in Bogota 1982, Andres Colmenares is a post-technological strategist living and working in Barcelona. Together with Lucy Black-Swan, he founded IAM, a creative research lab on a mission to reimagine the ways citizens and organisations understand and shape the mental, social and environmental impacts of the digital economy. To expand that mission, this year they are opening a lifelong learning initiative: The Billion Seconds Institute.

May O. Caballero

Sr. Producer / DesignOps Lead, Typeform