Let's Talk About Art

Behind every artwork, there’s a human who created it. In front, there’s another human who experiences it. This means art is much more about what you feel than what you know. Art Garage founder Carolina Macia is on a mission to make art as popular as music. She talks with three emerging artists about the impact art can have in your life.

“It’s really important to see art with your own eyes”

Carolina Macia

Founder, Art Garage

At Art Garage, we are on a mission to make art as popular as music. Artists live everywhere, but most of us never get to know the artists who live in our city. We want to change that. We want citizens to have access to local art they can fall in love with by turning exhibitions into an experience.


Sophie Teh


Sophie is an independent artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

Rodrigo Veloso


Rodrigo is a former architect and independent artist based in Lisbon, Portugal


Mary Onidare


Based in Lagos, Nigeria, visual artist Mary expresses herself mostly in oil and acrylic. Her works are influenced by female forms & the experiences that adolescents pass through.