Purpose-Driven Growth: Going Above + Beyond to Help Your Communities

We spoke with leaders from companies that are growing organically by going above and beyond to help their customers and communities.

“Community is any group of people who come together and give a shit about the same thing”

David Apple

Head of Customer Success, Notion

David is a French-American living in San Francisco with his wife Cristina and his son Ari (10 months). He was employee #13 at Notion, and employee #15 at Typeform, and feels fortunate to have been part of two hyper-growth journeys with two great companies/products.

Neha Varshneya

Senior Manager, Platform Marketing, Thinkific

Leading all things Platform Marketing at Thinkific, Neha’s in the business of helping others build and grow their companies. On a mission to join forces with the most innovative industry leaders to provide exceptional experiences for online course creators—she’s no stranger to the world of SaaS partnerships. Whether it be building brands and marketing teams from the ground up, nurturing organizational cultures to reflect empathy (and of course, badassery), or growing team members and the companies she works for to perform beyond what they know possible, Neha’s now channeling her energy into amplifying the reach of Thinkific’s Partner Program and growing the Thinkific App Store, globally!

Nicolas Grenié

Developer Advocate

Nico is a Developer Advocate at Typeform. What really excites him is connecting things together with APIs. But he also loves connecting people with IPAs. Ask him about nocode.

Geanna Flavetta

Manager of Growth Success, Klaviyo

Geanna Flavetta is a manager on Klaviyo’s Growth Success Team, leading the creation of content that helps Klaviyo customers feel empowered to own their destiny. In her free time, you can find Geanna learning about all things science, going on walks with her labradoodle, and trying out new recipes to feed her love of eating.