Roundtable Discussion: An Open Conversation on Mental Health

There's still too much stigma around mental health. And after one of the most mentally challenging years in history, we felt it was critical to have a candid discussion about it. From creating "yay me" folders to the importance of saying "I don't know", these five panelists share their personal stories, hopes, and wisdom for a mentally healthier future.

“People told me I was a calm and relaxed person. So I just bought into that.”

Javier Suarez

CEO + Co-Founder, Oliva Health

Javier Suarez is an entrepreneur based in Barcelona and is CEO & Co-founder at Oliva Health. Before Oliva, Javier co-founded TravelPerk, one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech startups. Javier was born in El Salvador, grew up in Berlin, and is a proud father to two boys with his partner Elise.

Jon Riggall

Education Team Manager, Typeform

Professionally I started out as a writer, and technical writing was where I found my home. Now I'm enjoying cultivating a team of people helping to help customers help themselves. I'm someone who needs other things in their life - I love my job and I need to balance it with other things (in my case art) to feel content. I'm a natural at worrying, so the pandemic has been fantastic for me.

Will Allen-Mersh

Partner, Spill

Will Allen-Mersh is a Partner at Spill, a London-based startup providing mental health support to companies through Slack. As well as letting employees book video therapy session in three clicks, Spill has a range of tools to help avoid burnout and boost team morale.

Vix Reitano

Founder + CEO, Agency 6B

Vix Reitano is the Founder of Agency 6B, The Lab by Agency 6B, and the Side Hustle Success Story™️ program, a 12-week coaching program that supports entrepreneurs in increasing their revenue, streamlining their operations, and building a business with intention.

Ganna Kryklii

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Typeform

Ukrainian, living in Barcelona, passionate about humans and how our brains work ?