Social Impact + Civic Engagement: The Three Paths to Meaningful Voting

How can we pave the way towards a more empowered society, with greater, broader civic participation across all communities? Omar Parbhoo explores how to make voting meaningful for more.

“If we really want to build meaning in this country, then we need to make sure everyone’s voice actually matters. We need to fight structural racism in our society.”

Omar Parbhoo

Vice President, ideas42

Omar leads the Voter Innovation Lab at ideas42, which applies insights from behavioral science to empower voters in support of a more vibrant and representative U.S. democracy. He and his team collaborate with top election officials, leading civic organizations, and affinity groups to create systems that equitably reach and serve every community. Even in these challenging times, he derives meaning from the belief that a society with greater and more broad-based civic participation is just around the corner.

Andrew Wilson

Customer Outcomes Manager, Typeform

Helping Typeform's Enterprise customers achieve their goals, retired college basketball player, lifelong learner and problem solver.