The Shadow Pandemic: Addressing Domestic Violence

The global pandemic has been life-changing for all of us. But there's another pandemic that has been happening in parallel. Hear how BrightAct and Typeform are working together to help victims domestic violence at a time when it's most critical.

“We need to stop this. How do we stop this? There is still something absolutely wrong in society and we have to do something about it.”

Elinor Samuelsson

UX Designer + Founder, BrightAct

Elinor believes tech will go beyond smart to become thoughtful. We design to empower from human needs, where BrightAct aims to break the cycle of domestic violence, globally.

Sofie Wahlström

Founder, BrightAct

Sofie has won numerous hackathons and receive the digital inspirations award from IDG at the CIO awards 2020. She's combined her background in tech with a drive to make change by founding BrightAct, the app for helping victims of domestic violence.